About Us

The Practice

Beautiful skin begins with good health. Your appearance says so much about your health. Your health always affects your appearance. At Three Rivers Dermatology, the first priority is healthy skin. That includes treatment of disease, repairing the damage caused by sunlight, and maintaining your healthy glow.

Beyond healthy to so much better!

Building on a foundation of good health, we have the skills, the experience and the technology to create a more youthful appearance, change the unwanted into the unnoticeable, or simply make the unusual look perfectly normal.The best methods we have found are those that work in concert with your body’s natural healing ability. Youthful appearance is revealed by procedures and products that, avoiding artificial enhancement, simply bring the natural beauty of your skin to the surface. Three Rivers Dermatology’s ultimate goal is for the patient’s experience to be as comfortable, convenient, natural and effective as possible.

Knowledge is strength

The most medically-effective and most cost-effective methods for enhancing your appearance and maintaining a healthy, young look are things you do everyday. Good habits that cost nothing can provide more benefit than any cosmetic procedure ever could.The key is, you have to know what to do and why.We take the time with each and every patient until all questions are answered. We personally assure that every procedure is understood, and the directions for use of products or prescriptions are provided clearly and reviewed completely.Most importantly, we’re going to remind you to stay out of the sun, use a sunscreen whenever possible and wear a hat (we try not to sound like your mother).

We will show you how to examine yourself so you can spot potential problems before they become serious. We can provide information on nutrition to nourish your skin.

Technology and know-how

Years ago, treatments available to dermatologists were limited to topical creams and a few prescription medicines. Today, everything is different.

Simple exposure to special kinds of light can treat diseases, kill acne bacteria and obscure scars or stretch marks. Treatments with naturally-derived formulas can release dead, surface skin cells and reveal a healthy, younger-looking complexion.

A major focus of the practice is evaluation of new technology. Second only to the investment in human resources, the investment in equipment and new technology gives the patients a variety of options and alternatives. That means more effective treatments for many more people.