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Aug 23rd

Clear Skin Starts NOW!

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Written by: Jeffrey Sassmannshausen, MD

If you’re fed up with your acne and have tried everything with little to no improvement you are not alone! I know how you feel, truly, because I  myself dealt with acne growing up. Even though it was many years ago, as a teen, I suffered from a severe case of acne.  I understand the emotional and social stress zits can bring to the life of someone in high school. It may not be the reason I chose to be a dermatologist, but it is so satisfying as I now have the education, tools, and science to help those who suffer from this frustrating skin condition.

Acne is a common skin condition that affects teens and adults of all ages. Contrary to popular acne myths, it isn’t caused by poor hygiene, or eating chocolate and greasy foods, and it isn’t a skin problem that people must suffer through and allow to simply “run its course.”

We’ve designed a specialized acne program in order to provide our patients with quick, efficient, safe and reliable results. We know how important clear skin is to your health and confidence. That is why we are committed to partnering with you on your journey to clear, healthy and acne-free skin.

Medications can do a wonderful job of improving acne, but it takes more than a prescription to achieve that clear skin.  Utilizing treatments in the office such as facials, peels and light sources offer a great boost to reaching the goal.  Maintaining healthy skin with a strong home routine is also imperative.  You can’t finish a marathon without daily training.

It is our professional obligation to recommend the most effective program to clear skin. This 3-step program is the best way to achieve a clear complexion.

It is our job to prescribe the most effective medications available for  your skin. Unfortunately, this may mean some of the medicines are more expensive. There are many options, and we can work through a program that melds efficacy and  cost effectiveness to treat your acne.

While prescription medications can be wonderful in improving your acne, they often need a boost in order to get your face clear. Utilizing other treatments in the office to enhance the efficacy of medications, will bring you one step closer to clear skin. We recommend regular facials in order to keep the skin hydrated, decrease congestion of the pores, and lessen the inflammation of the acne.  Peels are another great way to improve acne and increase the benefits of the medications, especially when used with facials.  Light-based therapies have few side effects and can be used as an alternative to taking oral antibiotics.

Don’t forget about taking care of your skin on a daily basis.  Just like brushing your teeth between cleanings by the dentist, taking care of your skin every day is extremely important. Clean and hydrated skin will respond better to the topical medications leading to fewer side effects and allowing the skin to tolerate stronger medications. Your home regimen does not need to take hours.  Just a quick cleanse, moisturize, protect and you are out the door. Over-cleansing, or exfoliating too often is very irritating. Especially with acne, this irritation makes the skin more sensitive leading to more side effects from the medications. We will customize a simple and effective home care routine for you to follow.

It’s time to stop being frustrated and wasting time and money with ineffective, hit and miss products and treatments. Sign up for the 3-month Clear + Confident Acne Program! It requires patience, commitment, and compliance, but together we can help you achieve healthy clear skin!