Facial Therapies

Windy Ridge Signature Facial

The most advanced defense against aging!

If you are losing elasticity, noticing fine lines and uneven texture, or other signs of aging, this facial is a must! We use the latest and most innovative anti-aging ingredients to target your specific concerns. This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with a revolutionary blend of growth factors to repair and rejuvenate your skin while improving elasticity and texture. This deeply hydrating and luxurious facial increases skin oxygenation and suppleness while reducing expression lines. Your skin will regain its glow and youthful appearance!*

Acne Facial

This facial is ideal for the adult who is experiencing acne break-outs but desires some anti-aging benefits as well, or the person who needs a lot of extractions.*

Teen Facial

Specifically for teens problematic and oily skin prone to breakouts. This treatment introduces you to proper skin care and specifically addresses your most common concerns. Skin impurities are gently polished away with a deep enzyme exfoliation, followed by gentle steam and your ideal treatment mask. Your complexion emerges wonderfully clear and visibly soothed.*

Counteract Aging!

Fight father time and daily aggressors while providing your skin the ultimate antioxidant boost. Experience the refreshing and relaxing benefits of this gentle, yet effective, lift-off mask. By combining a powerful blend of refreshing Vitamin C with repairing pure freeze-dried seaweed, this anti-aging treatment improves your skin’s elasticity and minimizes fine lines by replenishing antioxidants. Your complexion emerges wonderfully hydrated and visibly rejuvenated.*

Un-Red Facial

Treat your skin to all of the benefits Green Tea, French Rose and Licorice have to offer. This facial will soothe the skin, ease blotchiness and reduce redness. Recommended for all hypersensitive skin conditions including rosacea.*

SkinFit For Him!

Maintain your competitive edge and counteract the aging process with this proven effective, anti-aging treatment specifically for you! Repairing caviar and smoothing freeze-dried Escutox® replenish your skin and combat aging aggressors. Your skin is visibly resurfaced, repaired, and rejuvenated.*