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Mar 31st

Hand Rejuvenation

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Whether gripping a steering wheel or scrubbing dishes, hands are the workhorses of the body. They are exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and a lot of wear and tear.

Unfortunately, most of us neglect the backs of our hands—leaving them to look older than we truly are! We spend most of our time taking care of our face and body—with expensive creams and treatments, while our hands are not usually the focus of our beauty regimen.

The tops of the hands, where the skin is thin, can show signs of aging first—unlike the thicker skin of the palms. By age 30, skin-cell production decreases by 10 percent, making your skin less efficient at repairing itself. Hands lose their plumpness due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin and the loss of fat leading to the veins and knuckles becoming more prominent.

Hand creams can only make a subtle difference but to truly turn back the hands of time, you need the latest technology and procedures that have similar effects in reversing the signs of aging on the face!

So what can we do?

At Three Rivers Dermatology & Windy Ridge Skin Care Centre, we are now offering hand rejuvenation treatment options that can address sunspots, prominent veins, loss of volume, or any combination of the three.

Pump up the volume with fillers!

Radiesse was first approved in 2001 and has been used to treat wrinkles around the mouth and nose and has now been approved by the FDA for hand rejuvenation! These injections immediately plump and replenish the volume to provide a youthful appearance instantly!

Benefits of Radiesse for hand rejuvenation:

  • Immediate volumizing effect
  • Instant results after only 1 treatment
  • Reduces prominence of tendons and veins in the hands
  • Delivers smooth, natural-looking results
  • Safe and effective treatment
  • Minimally-invasive and minimal discomfort
  • Results can last up to 1 year


Lasers & Chemical Peels are spot on!

Chemical peels can treat uneven skin tone and texture as well as age-related pigmentation changes such as age spots or liver spots.

Lasers can be used to treat severely sun-damaged hands.

Daily Do’s!

Don’t skimp on hand cream. Using hand cream as early as your twenties is a great     anti-aging strategy. Keep hand cream beside every basin in the house and apply religiously every time you wash your hands. Keep a tube in your bag, car, office, and    by your bed.

Simply moisturizing is not enough. Don’t forget to exfoliate the skin on the hands. It will keep them fresh and smooth by removing dead skin cells and preparing them for other anti-aging products.

Be generous with sunscreen—use it on your hands! UV exposure is the number one cause of age spots and the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Wear gloves for gardening and house work, especially if your hands are exposed to chemicals or harsh cleaning products.


  • SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum: Take time off your hands with this rejuvenating product that is packed with powerful Growth factors, antioxidants, and other anti-aging ingredients.
  • SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair: This multi-tasking sunscreen has the ability to protect the skin with sunscreen and antioxidants. Together they protect and repair sun damage.
  • CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream: This moisturizer repairs and protects.  It is designed to add to the barrier of the skin holding in moisture and preventing irritation from external factors.

*Individual results may vary. 


*Individual results may vary. 

Aging is a natural process that happens to all of us, but with the proper care and the latest technology, prevention and correction is made easier! And remember, no matter what cosmetic procedure you choose, persistent use of sunscreen is a necessary step!

  Consider a hand rejuvenation treatment at Three Rivers Dermatology & Windy Ridge Skin Care Centre and let’s turn back the hands of time! Call for a consultation today! 260.436.9396