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Jul 31st

Makeup News-Summer 2013

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Makeup News

jane iredale

AA, BB, CC, DD, EE?  What are we to make of this latest craze or marketing brainchild?  Let me help to unscramble this for you a bit although new double letters keep popping up faster than I can say the alphabet.  But first, why have letters suddenly become the latest thing?  I think it’s because they sound modern and inventive.  BB cream, for example, sounds multi-functional—skincare with color.  (Does THE SKINCARE MAKEUP sound familiar to anyone?)  But is there anything new under the sun?  I’ll let you be the judge.

AA Cream is nothing more than your expensive Anti-Aging cream that may or may not work.  Personally, I think the most potent anti-aging product you can use is a sunscreen.  The sun is responsible for over 80% of the signs of aging, after all.  And then, of course, there’s the miracle of hair dye.  Where would we all be with grey hair blowing in the wind?

BB Cream started out life in a plastic surgeon’s office in Germany where it was called Blemish Balm.  She wanted something for her patients that offered skincare benefits, sun protection and lots of coverage after procedures.  Once Korean celebrities got hold of it and made it popular in Asia, it became known as Beauty Balm and the rest is history.  What’s the difference between this and a tinted moisturizer with SPF?  It has a lot more coverage and usually higher sunscreen protection.  Our BB Cream, Glow Time, has really potent skincare benefits in liposome form so they can be delivered deep into the skin, an SPF 25 and UVA Medium, and coverage you have to see to believe.  A pea-sized amount will act as an under-eye concealer and do your entire face and neck.  It’s a multi-tasking wonder!

CC Cream—Color Corrector.  There are other versions of this that say the same thing, life Corrective Color.  There are also other descriptions of what it does depending on who you read.  But the consensus seems to be that it’s more mousse-like than BB Creams with lighter coverage; it contains skincare benefits and sun protection, of course, but it also has the ability to brighten and color-correct the skin.  Will we be bringing out a CC Cream?  Well, we did about eight years ago when we launched Dream Tint.  It has everything a CC Cream needs including three color-correcting colors in Peach (evens pigmentation), Lilac (brightens sallow skin) and Warm Bronze (enlivens pasty skin).  The next time I run the tubes, you might see a CC on them.

DD Cream—Daily Defense.  This is a heavy-duty body cream for traditionally dry and stubborn areas like elbows, heels and knees.  It’s not a makeup.


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