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Jan 25th


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Dr. Jeffrey Sassmannshausen

I am excited to introduce microneedling to the Three Rivers Dermatology repertoire. Over the last several years, I have been unimpressed with many of the “new and cutting edge” technologies that have been introduced as anti-aging treatments. Most have results that are just not convincing, and many times have no results at all. Some may show benefits, but the cost of the procedure is not justified by the disappointing results. I am happy to say that a microneedling is a treatment that is filling a niche that many of our patients can utilize! 

What problems will this procedure treat? Wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation can all be addressed and improved with a series of treatments. I recommend beginning with a series of 3, with one treatment every 4-8 weeks.

Let me take a moment to compare a couple of treatments here. We offer a fractionated laser treatment (DOT laser) for the resurfacing of the skin. This laser makes millions of tiny holes in the skin which results in tightening, lightening, and lifting by stimulating collagen reproduction. While the results are astonishing, the road to recovery is not simple. Healing after DOT laser occurs over a two-week time period, and there can be some discomfort involved. The concept of microneedling is derived from the use of these fractionated lasers. Using tiny needles, the microneedling pen, similar to the DOT laser, causes numerous holes in the skin. These holes, or microchannels, stimulate a healing cascade which will lead to collagen formation filling in scars, smoothing wrinkles and evening pigment. During this in-office treatment, while the holes in the skin are open, product can be delivered more easily and more deeply into the skin adding to the benefits a microneedling series provides. Each series of treatments in our office includes product application for optimum results.

Another benefit to microneedling over that of laser is that there is little downtime. Within days, the skin is healed and you can return to normal activity. The changes will slowly progress over the next 4-6 weeks. SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex is used as part of the treatment protocol. This is 93.6% concentration of more than 300 growth factors and, used by itself, will increase the collage formation by 60% over 6 months. By applying the TNS Recovery Complex at the time of the treatment, its efficacy will be substantially increased. Our treatment series package includes a home care regimen. I strongly believe that the results of any treatment are greatly enhanced when combined with an effective home care plan.

The way microneedling is delivered to the skin makes it appropriate for all skin types. The formation of the micro-channels does not cause inflammation (which could cause hyperpigmentation). Because of this, all skin types, including those who are susceptible to hyperpigmentation, can enjoy the benefits of this procedure.