Fragile Bleeding Skin

What causes fragile bleeding skin?

Easy bruising and bleeding into the skin of the tops of the hands and forearms occurs in many middle-aged and older people, especially if their skin is fair. This easy bleeding, which can occur without apparent injury, is a result of the skin being thin and fragile from years of sunlight exposure. It is not the result of a blood disorder or internal disease. The fact that bleeding occurs only on the sun-damaged areas of the hands and forearms, and never on the covered parts of the body, clearly shows that it is a result of local skin damage.

Sun exposure over the years, even without sunburning, has thinned your skin and damaged its supporting fibers. These sun-damaged fibers can no longer adequately support your skin and its blood vessels. Even slight movement may cause an unsupported blood vessel to break. This releases blood into the skin and leaves unsightly purplish marks (bruises).


Fragile skin bleeding is a harmless nuisance. The skin damage produced by sunlight is permanent and for that reason, we have no treatment for your problem. You can prevent further sun damage by using the sun-protective measures.