Skin Tags

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What causes skin tags?

“Skin tags” perfectly describes the little growths some people develop on the skin of the neck, armpits, or groin, for they look like little bits of skin. The medical name is acrochordon. The tendency to develop skin tags is inherited. Skin tags sometimes turn tan or brown. They are harmless and never become cancerous or malignant. At times a skin tag may become sore from rubbing against clothing or jewelry. While annoying, this is not dangerous.


Skin tags are completely harmless and are treated only if you find them unsightly or a nuisance. Removal of skin tags is a simple office procedure. They may be frozen with liquid nitrogen or snipped off with surgical scissors. Healing is usually complete in a week or two. New skin tags may form even if all existing tags are removed. There is no way to prevent them.

Having skin tags removed is considered a cosmetic procedure. This means removal is not covered by most, if not all, insurance plans. We will gladly remove them, though payment is expected at the time of service.