Sun Related Damage

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Sun Related Damage

Excessive sun exposure has definitely been linked to all major forms of skin cancer including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. In addition, sun exposure is a major factor in the development of solar lentigo, solar purpura, wrinkling, aging, precancerous skin changes and poor wound repair capability.

Skin moisturizers, lubricants and other similar preparations do not prevent wrinkling and skin aging. They may make the skin feel smoother for a few hours after use but there is no permanent change. Systematic use of sun protective measures is the best prevention for skin aging. Many cosmetics now incorporate sunscreens into their formulations. Select a high SPF (sun protection factor >15) formulation. Use sun block on noses and lips and other sun sensitive areas. Remember, you are getting sun exposure even in the shade and in the water. Expensive creams and lotions will not keep your skin young. Look for a moderate price, which suits your needs.