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Feb 18th

Whoops I Did It Again!

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Dr. Sass talks Laser Tattoo Removal

Now is the time for a new beginning. It’s time to reevaluate your life choices and focus on your goals for the new year ahead. So what’s holding you back? Could past regrets be glaring you in the face with every glance of your exe’s name tattooed on your ankle? Whether you have made professional career moves that no longer approve of the tattoos on your arm, or just changed your mind about the drooping Hawaiian flower on your post-partum hip, I can help you take action to reinvest in your body with laser tattoo removal.

Many people have considered seeking options to eliminate the offending, permanent reminder of younger days. But, not many are knowledgeable about what actually happens with the laser during the treatment process.

During laser tattoo removal, a Q-switched laser (which utilizes specific wavelengths of light to target certain ink pigments) is used. The intention is to lighten the color in the tattoo without damaging the skin. The laser light heats the pigment very quickly, which fragments the ink particles. Once the ink is pulverized, your body’s immune system absorbs and eliminates the ink naturally over several weeks.

This process is the safest, quickest way to achieve dramatic lightening of tattoos, making the tattoo transgressor as unrecognizable as possible, with little to no scarring. Some tattoo shops offer tattoo removal performed by “laser techs” without properly trained and educated physicians around in case you have a bad response or need medical treatment. Side effects like burns, scars, and textural changes are possible with an inexperienced laser tech. And, most tattoo shops only lighten the area enough to try to have it covered up with another tattoo to keep your business.

Because my mission is to keep your skin healthy, I will make sure your skin remains intact with minimal scarring. This provides maximum tattoo removal while leaving surrounding skin unharmed. Treatment costs and durations will vary uniquely depending on many variables. This includes whether the tattoo was done by a professional or an amateur, what colors were used, and the depth of the ink in your skin.

It will take many treatments to remove your tattoo. Each laser treatment will make the tattoo lighter, eventually fading or removing the tattoo. Treatments are typically every 4-8 weeks, but I will tailor a plan specific to your skin type, healing, and progress made. Schedule a consultation with me to discuss a regimen and costs for the removal of your undesired tattoo.