Skin365 Memberships

We are pleased to tell you that Skin365 Memberships are now available at Three Rivers Dermatology & Windy Ridge Skin Care Centre! Just as you probably get your hair cut regularly, and stop in for a manicure or pedicure from time to time, routine maintenance is essential to skin health and vitality. We developed the Skin365 Memberships to make sure you, our valued guests, can choose the program that meets your needs and budget and will give you the freedom and access to treatments and services. Each month, use your membership points, fight stress and rejuvenate skin!

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About Us

Skin is as complex as it is amazing. It changes every day, responding to fluctuating conditions inside and out. The highly trained professionals at Three Rivers Dermatology & Windy Ridge Skin Care Centre are dedicated to the successful treatment of your individual skin care concerns. We are committed to continuously researching and updating our technology, providing you with the very best skin products and solutions. We will pamper you with unparalleled service, and create meaningful and memorable experiences.

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5650 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46804
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Mon-Thu: 8am-4:30pm
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